Sports Picks

Sports handicapping is a process that tries to figure out, which of two teams (if any), is favored in a particular event or a series of games, and even how individual clubs will fare during an entire season. Any scoring match or competitive sport such as tennis, golf, car racing, bowling, and horse racing can also be handicapped. Essentially, it is a type of professional sports betting where the results of a competition are predicted and the differing methods on how an advantage is calculated. Please continue reading to learn about its purpose and the intended results.

Generally, when most people think of handicapping, thoroughbred horse racing usually is the first sport that comes to mind but handicapping is also associated with each sport that people place a bet or wager.

Handicapping is typically performed by an experienced, professional sports handicapper and these individuals usually work for pick services, sportsbooks, or sports bettors. It is important to note that most handicappers do not cover all sports. It is very rare to find one that does because these individuals are usually experts in a specific field and in order to provide he most consistent outcome. It is difficult to focus on many different sports and be a successful handicapper. In order to create point spreads, over/unders, and moneylines a handicapper has to study and know not just the fundamental principles of a sport but also any other unaccounted for variables. These variables include but are not limited to: the players, coaches, offense, defense, philosophy of the team, budget and salaries, any injuries or pending trades, the fan base, history, past and recent performances, trends, an analysis of any player and squad matchups. Therefore, in order to completely analyze a sport and its subsequent matchups, contests, individual games, and series, it is best for the handicapper and the person employing their services to be proficient in one or two sports.

Ultimately sports handicapping is an analysis of sports matchups and events in order to determine what team or individual competitor will have the advantage so that a winning wager can be placed.